Not an ugly sister – but I’m an ugly brother!

We went to see my Mam and Dad last Sunday as it was Mam’s birthday. It was lovely to see them. We were also fortunate to see my sister and my younger brother too.

We hadn’t seen my sister for over three years, since we got married (married that is, to my wife, not my sister!).

Anyhow today, Mam rang up and told me that my sister thought I’d quite dramatically changed in appearance and she suspected I had . Apparently they looked at a load of old photographs out of me and started comparing them. My sister works as a beautician, and one of her customers had the condition so she knew what to look out for.

I’ve searched on the internet and a few things have me suspecting that she may well be right.

Feet Have Got Bigger

My feet have got wider, and earlier on in the year I struggled finding trainers wide enough for me. In the end I bought some from “New Balance” who have lots of wide ones. What I found really strange was getting into my safety boots after not wearing them for a bit to find them uncomfortably tight. In the end I bought a new pair of safety boots. Two years ago they were UK Size 9. This last month, my safety boots are UK Size 11.

Tingling in my Hands

I’ve noticed that from time to time I get a bit of tingling or numbness in my hands, nothing serious or anything, and it goes at quickly as it comes.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

I’m on medication (Ramipril) for high blood pressure.

Watery Eyes

I now and again have slightly watery eyes, especially when I have a meal. I’ve even asked my optician about it, but they can’t offer an explanation. A few people on mentioned having watery eyes, although this is not a listed symptom of acromegaly as far as I know.

Facial Changes

Now they mention it, I look like I’ve aged quickly.

Otitis Media ‘Glue Ear’ (blocked Eustachian Tube – Ear Grommet fitted)

I had a bit of trouble hearing, almost three years ago, and had an ear grommet fitted to my left ear. I’m not sure if this is related or not, but I got the impression that the condition is quite common in young children, but not in grown adults. Despite the fact my ear grommet is now gone, I still have similar problems with my left ear now and again. I just put it down to being married! ( hee hee).

No Other Symptoms

So, looking at the symptoms list then:

  • coarsening of facial features – Apparently, yes.
  • enlarged hands and feet – Feet have grown, yes (fingers seem to have been chunky for ages, my wedding ring still fits fine)
  • thickening of the soft tissue in the palms and soles of the feet – same as above I think?
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (tingling feeling or pains in the hands) – yep, now and again, not much though.
  • excessive sweating and oily skin – NOPE
  • headaches – NOPE
  • vision disturbance – NOPE
  • Sleep Apnoea – NOPE (was tested for it two years ago), but do snore a lot!
  • general tiredness – NOPE
  • irregular periods or loss of normal menstrual function – adult females – NOPE (I’m a man!)
  • impotence – adult males – NOPE
  • reduced fertility – POSSIBLY YES – have been trying for children for three years, on the IVF waiting list, although my sample shows everything within range.
  • decrease in sex drive – NOPE