Visit to the Doctor

I went to my doctor today with a carrier bag with an old pair of my shoes in it and a few photos of myself and explained that I could have acromegaly and could I please have a blood test for it. I explained what my sister had observed in me, and now a few things made sense.

I naively asked just for a ‘growth factor’ test (not fully understanding it!). I’d already booked an appointment with the nurse to have a blood sample taken for the following day, anticipating the doctor would require a blood sample because otherwise there would have been further delay.

My doctor has never had a patient with Acromegaly, although he said he did have one patient who he had tested for it, but it turned out not to be (lucky them!). I’ve very thankful to have such an understanding and switched-on doctor who was good enough to listen to me.

After all, it’s not every day somebody comes in with a carrier bag with old shoes that don’t fit and a selection of photographs! I just hope that everybody that suspect acromegaly has such a brilliant doctor!