First Pituitary Support Meeting

I went to my first pituitary support meeting this morning. It was good to meet everyone, they were great! I was half expecting to be shocked by what people might have looked like, but was pleased to see how normal they were really. It was quite reassuring too to meet others with acromegaly who had a similar “look” to me! An extended family no doubt.

One person was overly gloomy though, which could have really upset me if I had a different outlook. Understandably after many decades of suffering with the condition. “You will need injections until you go to your grave”. “There is no quick fix”. “You will have so many tests, scans and injections”. “Some of your disfigurement will not return to normal”. All true to a varying extent. I already knew the prognosis and treatment for acromegaly, by going to the meeting I just wanted support and encouragement. I can only assume that the words were a bit of a reaction to my quite positive and generally jolly outlook to the whole thing, and the person’s many years with acromegaly.

I got a lot of encoragement from little conversations, which was brilliant. It’s great to know that there are others to speak to each with their own journeys which I can learn from, and hopefully in some way I perhaps may be of encouragement to them too in turn in the future.

I’ve been invited to a meal with the younger pituitary group on Saturday 13th December, which is brilliant, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a day after my MRI scan too!