First Visit to Specialist

I had my first consultation with a specialist. I took my wife with me too and it was great to have her with me. The doctor I saw was quite a young gentleman, but he had a great manner. Near the end of the consultation, he brought in another colleague who explained that they would refer me with their preference being to Christie’s. I explained that I had been told that a person at Manchester Royal Infirmary had been recommended to me by another acromegalist. I felt a bit reluctant to be referred to Christies because of its association with cancer treatments and I had a perception that they would be very pro-radiotherapy (which can result in very poor quality of life due to hypopituitary effects).

They asked me to make my mind up by the end of this week. I think I may as well go with their recommendation of Christies. The main consultant there has written numerous papers on Acromegaly, which gives me a greater confidence in available treatment options.

While I was there, I had chest X-ray and an ECG (told ‘unofficially’ that there was nothing to worry about on my ECG).

The male doctor gave me a card for blood test, pretty much ticking a number of the boxes, and adding on all the hormones. He had intended for me to have the test done straight away. I suggested that an overnight fast might be better as he was also testing for Cortisol – I explained that I believed that it was excreted around 4am (or so) so an early morning test could be better. He then agreed.

(I’m sure doctors hate people like me that only know half the facts. I’m studying Greenspan’s ‘Basic & Clinical Endocrinology’ which makes some interesting bedtime reading. Things make a lot more sense now.)

He said there was no point in doing an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test for GH as my IGF-1 value had been so high. I suggested that we should do one for completeness, but by that time he had enough of me I expect and didn’t book me in for one. If I’d had a patient like me, I’d have done the same!