Morning Blood Test

I drove to hospital this morning.

I paid to park up there. Nice.

Bought a newspaper, and found my way to the “Blood Test” bit after asking a big friendly chap called Bob.

It was a “Delicatessen” system where you had to take a number from a ticket machine, with an LED display with two large digits. (Over fifteen hours later, now I can still remember it being number “50″).

A “boing” sound emanated from the display and the numbers “50″ showed up, and realised it was my number – whoohoo!!! I was very surprised to see two other men in there with needles up their arms and little things of blood being filled up. I went quite “girlie” about it really I suppose, and tried not to think about it – but the nurse picked up on me being not exactly happy about it and was concerned for me. Showing just a bit of concern made me feel even more “girlie” (sorry ladies – but you must know what I mean, and gents I’m sure you know what I mean too!).

“You’ll feel a slight scratch” (WHY DO THEY SAY THAT?). I felt a blinkin’ needle going up to my arm, not a scratch. Ouch. It wasn’t as bad as I imaged though. My imagination is quite vivid at times.

The two other chaps in the room just looked like they were sat there having a hair cut or something. One chap was looking at his vial being filled up, the other younger chap was just looking quite cool in front of him. I suppose I looked like a sheep being startled by a pair of headlights to the other two.

The nurse at this point said “Are you OK?”. I tried to smile and replied “Yes, I suppose I’ll have to get used to a lot of these”. I was trying to be funny, but as soon as I said it, a I felt a “frog” in my throat as I suddenly realised what I was really saying. I really will have to get used to blood tests, won’t I?

Anyhow, I drove straight to work today. Having a blood test is not all that bad after all!