Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

This morning I had my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) for Growth Hormone whilst I am waiting for the other results. The OGTT is to see the effect of my growth hormone (GH) levels over two hours after taking glucose. In normal people the GH level goes down after taking glucose.

I arrived at 8 o’clock this morning at my local hospital. The nurses were all very jolly and professional. I was their first “customer” of the day in the Investigations Unit. They took some blood, and then gave me a small glass with a sugary drink. The sugary drink was literally glucose in luke-warm water, ugh. They gave me a big jug of water with ice cubes in, and said I could drink as much water as I wanted. I then settled down and read a biography of CS Lewis that I was given 17 years ago and I hadn’t managed to get round to starting before.

Over the two hours I was there the room filled up with seven other patients, four of them were on drips. I felt quite fortunate really. One chap there looked like a real “rock kid” in his late twenties, goatie-beard and a couple of facial studs. He looked really weak and he was on a blood drip. Hopefully he’ll be “rocking it large” again soon. There was a really old lady in there too, she looked so very frail in her pink dressing gown and big pink slippers. The nurses were lovely with her and made her comfy in the reclining chair.

Anyhow my two hours was up, and another blood sample was taken. That was it. I was very kindly offered a hot drink and some toast. I had a cup of coffee and then went on my way. What a great bunch of nurses, they deserve medals and pay rises.

I do suspect that perhaps they should have taken blood every 30 minutes during the investigation (from reading up about it). I’m not too sure if today may have been in vain or not. I don’t suppose this test is done all that often so it’s understandable for things to be missed.

All in all, the Oral Glucose Tolerance test isn’t too bad, and it’s a good opportunity to catch up with some reading.