Feeling Very Bloated – my fault!

A bit of an update. I think I’m experiencing a new gastrointestinal problem (brought on by my own stupidity, and partly due to the effects of Sandostatin LAR / Octreotide ).

I ate way way way too much fatty food yesterday – I was out on a site visit and had a massive greasy late lunch (mixed grill) washed down with two large cappuccinos and then later when I came home had a very fatty KFC.

It wasn’t until I was about to get to bed I noticed that my lower torso was tight and quite bloated. I had tried to go to the toilet to let go of some of the load (as it were). Despite my best attempts (and even after chewing on some dry prunes), nothing much was for shifting. I had taken a glass of ‘Alka Seltzer’ a bit earlier, but I’d imagine the gas produced by that made things worse. My wife was working away last night, so I went to bed quite worried and brought the phone next to my bed fearing that I could be woken up by gastrointestinal complications. One’s imagination can be one’s worst enemy sometimes!

Anyhow, thankfully I had a good night’s sleep as usual, but this morning I still have a bloated tight tummy. I’m just hoping that things improve today. To help myself though, I think I’ll avoid anything that sizzles when its cooked and instead have a lovely tuna salad for lunch! If things don’t improve then I could have a job opportunity as a “Mr Blobby” stand-in (I just need to stick on some big yellow spots).

I’m not complaining though, this could be quite a welcome ‘warning call’ to me to eat more healthily and not to be such a bad lad.