Third Sandostatin (Octreotide) LAR injection

Well today I had my third ever Sandostatin LAR injection.

I was a bit more prepared than before.

My appointment was at 5pm at my local medical centre.

I thought I’d take a few things to take the edged off any discomfort of the injection. At around 3:30pm I took some paracetamol, and ibuprofen. At 4:00pm I rubbed some Voltarol gel (diclofenac sodium) on my ‘selected’ right bum cheek. I then drove from work (leaving a meeting a bit early) straight to the medical centre. Obviously, I’m not recommending taking pain killers before an injection but that’s just something I’ve weighed up the risks and accepted just in my own case.

Sandostatin LAR Octreotide 20mg

My very own box of Sandostatin LAR Octreotide 20mg. It's now been injected in my bum cheek.

I got into the appointment a bit early, the nurse prepared the injection, took my blood pressure, then I lay on the treatment bed rolled onto my side with my belt undone and my trousers unfastened and without any todoo she injected me. I hardly felt a thing, and it was over very quickly. She said I was “very brave” (as nurses do – it’s all part of their training), but I told her I’d cheated by taking some painkillers about an hour or so beforehand. She joked and said I wasn’t so brave after all – but heh, I felt absolutely fine, and I still do this evening.

We had a bit of a chat, then off I went to the gents and applied a self-heating heat patch and that was that.

So if anybody is worried about the once-a-month injection of Somatostain LAR, then please don’t be. It’s nothing to be worried about at all. Now I can look forward to another month of improvements in my health!