First Day Curve

I had my first “Day Curve” today. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. (I’ll try to add a photo)

I checked into the Endocrine department at the hospital (The Christie). I was weighed, my height was taken (I’d be at my ideal weight at 6’3″ tall for my weight – it’s a shame I’m only 5’9″…). My blood pressure was taken (it was high!).

I then had a little “cannula” put into the vein of my left arm, in the inner bend of the elbow. A cannula is like a little tube with a tiny tap on it so that they can draw off many samples of blood without having to stab you with a needle each time. Brilliant invention, bleedin’ marvelous! I’m always a bit squeamish when they put it in, but it’s not all that bad (thank you S.).

Anyhow, a couple of samples of blood taken every one-and-a-half hours out of the little cannula, and by about 3:30pm I was done. That was easy. I spent the day talking to the nurses, a couple of other outpatients, and installing a little photo gallery for my wife’s website.

The highlight of my day was seeing the acromegaly nurse (M.) who could see a difference in my appearance after my three months of injections, and seeing the professor again. They were both very reassuring, although I found I had very few questions this time. I’d probably run out of questions since I last interrogated them! I also feel like I have lost part of the “mental edge”, but that could be due to recent stress. Who knows, eh? My blood pressure still appears to be not very well controlled, so I’ve been given another 24h blood pressure monitor to wear to monitor it.

So, the “day curve”? Nothing to worry about (probably the worst thing of the day was the “road kill” turkey sandwich!) I think the next one will be in three months time.