Spacelabs 90207

The Spacelabs 90207

I’m wearing a Spacelabs 90207 again today. Whoohoo – the fun never stops!! (I do secretly find it quite fascinating though, but don’t tell anybody!) I was given it when I last went in for my “Day Curve”, but I postponed wearing it because of recent events that would raise anybody’s blood pressure.

It’s a 24 hour blood pressure ambulator. In plain English, it’s a contraption that measures my blood pressure at the most inconvenient of moments all the way through the day every fifteen minutes, and then every hour or so at night.

It’s not really all that bad – in fact I found it quite helpful in timing my food in the oven – becasue I knew if the armcuff blew up twice then the food would be in there just right.

Thankfully, I’ve got two days off work this week so I didn’t have to bump into many people. I did however have to go to the shop earlier. Whopping temperatures of 26’C-plus stopped me from wearing a long shirt, so my blue blood-pressure cuff was quite visible. Thankfully, the shopkeeper reacted by being extra-ordinarily “nice” to me (he probably thinks I got “something serious” or something!!).

Three quick notes:

  • Fitting it to the left arm, put the cuff on the left arm with the tube going up your arm, over the back of your neck, in front of your left shoulder and down to the unit on the right, attached to the strap around your waist. I put it through the belt hooks of my trousers.You can put your shirt (or blouse) on after so it’s more concealed and so the tubing is less likely to be snagged.
  • The unit will show your systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and your pulse only for the first three readings when you first turn it on. After that it will just show ” – – – – “. This is not an error code – believe me, I rang up Spacelabs this morning. The first three I assume is to show any medical staff that it’s showing “sensible” readings, the reason it doesn’t show you the rest is in case it influences your blood pressure by knowing it.
  • Error Code: If it beeps four times after trying to take your blood pressure reading it means that it’s not happy, and it will try again in about a minute or so. It’s a good time to check that your cuff hasn’t spun around or moved. The “ART ^”  (“Artery”) on the cuff should be positioned so that the arrow is facing down your arm on the inside of your arm. Try and stay still when it’s being done if you can. When I was walking, I pretended I was texting somebody on my mobile…

Anyhow, I’m off to bed now. I know I’m going to be woken up every hour with my arm being tightened but it’s no big deal.