Emergency admission again

Friday felt like I was really starting to get back better again, and then on Saturday we went out for a day and had a lovely time. We went out for a meal that evening.

It’s probably worth noting that due to the acid reflux I was getting with the hydrocortsone, I was just having very simple and low salt meals. The meal that I had when we went out was predominantly all tandoori marinated (relatively salty) meat, and lots of it. I’m thinking here that I’d effectively tipped my Potassium/Sodium balance.

Two hours after the meal I was being taken by ambulance to the nearest Accident & Emergency again, this time also having being administered the emergency 100mg hydrocortisone injection. I was talking twice as quick as everybody else, everything had gone into fast-forward! Bizzare.

My blood pressure they tested was astronomical. Both the figures were in the 200’s. The hospital could not check my cortisol levels for three days. They also told us that during my previous admission to A&E on Tuesday that the Cortisol levels had not been measured then either and not available. This is contrary to what I was told on Tuesday, and so they could not determine the correct course of action to treat me. This was very frightening indeed. We transferred to another A&E department hospital where I had my pituitary operation.

I was discharged and brought home yesterday (Monday). That hospital very kindly provided me with free transport, for which I was very grateful for.

I had to return later to collect my medications (hydrocortisone).

Lifting a Collapsed Man

On leaving the hospital I saw a man collapsed on the ground with two women struggling getting him into a wheelchair. Instinctively, I went to help and lifted him into the wheelchair. I didn’t for a moment think twice. I knew as soon as I’d done it that I’d done something incredibly dangerous and stupid. I’d just lifted, effectively, a heavy off the ground only two weeks after a pituitary operation.

I felt unwell afterwards, my head feeling heavy, but my condition improved over the next hour or so, but we stayed within a few minutes of the hospital in a neighbouring retail park as a precaution. The sensation at the top of my nose has been ‘different’ since, without being able to quite pinpoint ‘what’ exactly. I didn’t have any nosebleed or leaks or funny sensations of things running down my throat. I think I might have got away with it this time.

Good Night’s Sleep

I had a good night sleep last night which made all the difference. I feel a bit dazed after the whole weekend, but I’m getting more “with it” as more hours pass.

I’m in Christie Hospital tomorrow (Wednesday), but the Cortisol day curve is posponed for now because of the most recent hospital admission. I’m looking forward to seeing them as they’re so very friendly, supportive and informative.

BP 159/92 (p 81)