Acromegaly and whistling

I can whistle again!

I used to be able to whistle through my teeth some years back. I wasn’t particularly melodic, but whistle I did, and I was happy. Then, one day, probably (say) two or three years ago, I noticed I couldn’t any more. I could however whistle with my lips. I was even worse at whistling then, but again whistle I did.

One day, however, probably about 18 months ago, I noticed I couldn’t whistle at all. I know now of course that the reason was because my lips had grown with this condition of acromegaly, and my lower jaw has grown forward so my teeth don’t meet at the front any more.

Anyhow, some three weeks ago I had pituitary surgery on the tumour that caused the acromegaly (or rather is still causing it, I don’t know yet). The good news is today is that I discovered I can whistle (through my lips) again. I feel like a starling that’s got his cheep back – I’m delighted!

The soft-tissue of my lips is evidently starting to go back to how they were. Wow!

Heh, it’s not groundbreaking news, but I like it. As for ‘melody’ however, it will take more than neurosurgey to teach me a new tune. It’s something I can enjoy working on.