In Limbo Land

I’m a bit “in limbo”.

So I had transsphenoidal surgery for acromegaly some six and a half weeks ago (9th February 2010). I was very fortunate to have such a gifted surgeon.

My early post-operative tests (GH day curve, and GH OGTT) indicated that I was “in remission”. They use the words ‘remission’ as my condition involves a tumour (even though it’s a benign one), and cannot use ‘cure’, after all it could recur. Remission is a lovely sweet and welcome word in my ears though…

Remission and Recurrence

Searching for the words ‘remission’ and ‘recurrence’  is quite sobering at first reading, but it needs to be taken in the context of the drug developments available now to “biochemically control” the condition. As far as I can tell from the literature searches I’ve done, is that there can be a ‘recurrence’ of around 18% within a ten year period of persons in remission. I need to do further work on this, so please do check this for yourselves.

The better indicator of remission I get is when I have tests from three months after surgery.

If the tests are good then, then that will confirm remission.

My IGF-1 results were falling towards the reference range a week or two after surgery (325 ug/ml  then 295 ug/ml). My thought is, is it still dropping? (I need to get it under 270 ug/ml ).

I’m sure a lot of people get this feeling after surgery for a chronic illness. After all, I want to get better, I don’t want to give our families more worry, and I don’t want to put so much drain on the health professionals who could be treating others instead of me.

Drawing a Line

In a way, I thought that the surgery itself would draw a line under the whole thing, whether I had the results or not. It hasn’t though. The surgery has helped to close a big chapter, and I’m so glad I had it. I’m absolutely delighted, and I’d recommend it to anybody in the same situation.

Anyhow, I’ll carry on waiting until it’s the right time for the tests. I’ll be patient. I’ll be a patient.