‘Cured’ of Acromegaly

Three months ago I had an operation to remove a benign tumour on my pituitary gland. The tumour was pumping out growth hormone, and so giving me the condition of Acromegaly.

Blood sample containers. Marvellous little things.

A few days after the operation I had some blood tests to determine if I was in “remission” or not. Basically it was to see if I had an elevation of Growth Hormone (GH) or not. The results indicated that it was likely that I was in remission from the values of GH alone. The results were very early, but research has shown that these early results are a good indicator of remission.

The real thing that causes growth isn’t directly GH, but rather IGF-1. In a previous posting I wrote about these IGF-1 values still being high at 325 ug/ml and a month later, 295 ug/ml. The figure we were looking for was a value of less than 267 ug/ml. The values appeared to be dropping though.

Two weeks ago I had a set of blood tests. This will be for three months after the operation. There are numerous medical papers that document that normalisation of IGF-1 at three months, and normal GH indicates remission from acromegaly. Remission is of course the closest thing to ‘cure’ in the land of tumours.

Today I got the results. IGF-1 was 220 ug/ml (well within normal range). Indeed, everything is in normal range. I’ve been ‘cured’ of acromegaly. Absolutely wonderful news! Whoohoo!