MRI still shows residual tumour

I had an MRI scan two weeks ago, which is three months after my pituitary surgery for acromegaly.

Today, I rang up to get the results. The doctor told me that the MRI ‘showed enhancement’ of an area of 5.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 mm. ‘Enhancement’ on an MRI image is where certain cells (such as tumours) show up more opaque once the drug is administered.

Essentially, it would appear that despite all my hormone levels being measured in normal range and in ‘remission’, I still have residual tumour. Quite a lot, in fact. There are cases where there can be remission despite residual tumour.

It may be that the active portion of the tumour has been removed, and that the material that is ‘enhancing’ is made up of scar tissue or some non-functioning tumour. Who knows, eh?!

It’s not the best news I’ve had this week, but whilst it’s not worth worrying about because it won’t help one bit.