Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

I had an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (for Growth Hormone) today. I also had one back in 2008, and in the same week as my surgery.

Whenever we read about glucose tests, we tend to instantly think about diabetes. A very similar test is used to test insulin response, but in this case, the test is looking for my Growth Hormone (GH) response. Glucose should suppress GH production.

It’s been around four months since I had surgery, and this test is to try and establish if my pituitary gland is producing GH normally.

I had to fast overnight, which basically just means I had to skip breakfast, and got there for 8 o’clock in the morning. The hospital is lovely and quiet that time in the morning without too man of us patients making the place look untidy.

I had a little cannula put in my arm (I scored her as “10 out of 10” for putting in the cannula, absolutely brilliant). I was given a drink of very very sugary water. It was like drinking a Kendal Mint Cake, except without the mint. After this, every thirty minutes for two hours, a small sample of blood was taken, using the cannula, so it was painless. I was finished by 10:30am, and I was given toast and jam, and a mug of coffee. Lovely.

While I was there I spoke to one of the doctors (PP) who was very enthusiastic, and also to the Acromegaly Specialist nurse (MR) who was wonderful and very reassuring.

I’ll probably get my results in just over a week.