No Residual Tumour!


I’d been a bit too eager to get my mitts on the radiology report for my MRI scan.

I’ve been told by the Professor that on examination of the MRI films, that I do not appear to have residual tumour after all! Whoohoo! Excellent news.

This conclusion has been come to by the Professor, the radiologist, and my surgeon. My surgeon and the professor came to that conclusion independently of each other also which gives me even more reassurance.

My surgeon also said that, by definition, as my Growth Hormone (GH) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) are normal then I cannot have a Growth Hormone secreting tumour. That makes sense.

I was incredibly grateful to my surgeon, and also to the Professor in taking the time to go through this with me, and to give me this most welcome, wonderful news. He really was very clear in the way he explained it, which was most reassuring.

As ever, I am overwhelmed by the excellent level of care I’ve received by the medical staff I have met.