IGF-1 Still in normal range

We have the results of the blood test back on 2 August (the six month mark after surgery)!

It’s still in normal range at 226 ug/ml. Phew!

Indeed, the normal range for the assay they use (for my age) is up to 267ug/ml from what I understand. It’s pretty much the same value as my blood test three months after surgery (at 220 ug/ml).  If the testing method has an error of around 5%, then measured differences in values of 10% are not very significant.

I’d be a bit happier if my IGF-1 value was a little lower. As it stands it’s possibly nudging into the upper end of the normal range. I’m glad I’m being so very well looked after.

I have a full “day curve” coming up next week, and an MRI scan, which will give a more complete picture of how I’m doing.