1st Year Anniversary of Trans-sphenoidal Surgery for Acromegaly

Well today is the first anniversary of my surgery for Acromegaly that I had at Hope Hospital (Salford Royal Hospital) in Manchester (UK).

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. It seems so recent in a way to some extents, but I’ve really been enjoying things.

I’m basically a lot more “chilled out” that I have been for a long long time. At the same as being “chilled out”, I’m getting more done too. Things are going very well with me at work, and my wife and I are planning on doing some home improvements too. The holiday dates have been put in the calendar and so we have all to look forward to.

A bonus of all this is that if I ever wanted to be a stand-up comic I’d probably have enough material (in making fun at myself) for at least thirty minutes. Having said that, the stage of life is just one big stand up. The trick is to keep everyone around you happy and to stay standing as long as you can!