Phone call from hospital

I had a phone call from the hospital today (Mrs MR) regarding the high IGF-1 result in blood test results. She explained that it wasn’t necessarily anything to be too worried about at this stage. She’s absolutely brilliant.

They have recently moved over to a new test for IGF-1 and a number of people’s results have been about 20% up from the last test. They will in due course establish new reference ranges for this most probably, but apparently the new test should be better anyway. Funnily enough, according my orange book, “Greenspan’s Basic & Clinical Endocrinology”, the reference range for my age (40-54 years, I’m 42) is 90-360 ug/L so I would have been in the range with this result of 280 anyway. The ranges are however for a particular type of test so it’s a bit irrelevant even if it makes me feel better!

My Prolactin level was 80 (I think she said 80 anyhow), I’m assuming the units are mU/L (in other units the reference range would be between 2 – 18 ng/mL in my orange book which multiplied up by 21.2 gives me the reference range for mU/L units as 42 mU/L to 382 mU/L – but don’t quote me on it!). SO it looks like 80mU/L of PRL is in normal range for me if I’m not mistaken. The histology of the tumour that was taken out during my operation for acromegaly showed that it did co-secrete growth hormone and prolactin. I would kind of expect any regrowth to show itself as prolactin going up and growth hormone (reflected in the IGF-1 result), but what do I know. This looks promising.

Anyhow, going back to the phone call. I was given a few options for going back in for earlier blood tests or leave it until the next six-month follow up. I’m delighted that I’m going to be booked in about a month’s time for a Growth Hormone day curve, and an IGF-1 test. I feel a whole lot better.

I’m not quite as worried that acromegaly has come back, but also I’m not so worried even if it has either. If that makes sense to anybody then, it basically just means that the reassurance of a caring person makes all the difference.