Signs and “I wonders”

It’s strange isn’t it, how until somebody mentions something that you won’t notice it. After it’s mentioned though you can’t help but notice it all the time?

Well since my blood test result showed that I might not be in remission of acromegaly any more, I’ve been looking (or noticing) signs that it might be coming back. SO here we go:

Slight tingling/numbness in forearms and hands at times. (eg, reading a newspaper in a certain position for too long, or being on the telephone for a while). My right forearm is tingling now, typing this.

Oilier nose, and possibly forehead. This sounds disgusting (sorry), but it seems that I have more ‘nose sebum’ (I had to look that up).

Started drooling in my sleep again. Again, sounds pretty disgusting. In the mornings I notice a few dry bits from the corner of my mouth.

Glands under my jaw seem a little swollen (but only a little today). The submandibular glands (I’d forgotten the name, and I had to look that one up again!)

My eyes have become a little more watery whilst eating – this has only happened a couple of times when I’ve eaten breakfast. I used to have this all the time before I had treatment.

Indistinct ‘not-quite-a-headache’ a lot of the time – I’ve noticed it both in the mornings and afternoons. A few people with acromegaly use the term ‘brain fog’, I’m not sure it’s that or not, it’s less than a fog, more of a whisp! It’s not a headache as such, it’s less than that, and it’s not really that much of a bother.

Slight nausea very early in the morning. I noticed this especially when I was leaving the house at six o’clock in the morning after getting up at 5:15am. I’ve not been doing that for three weeks now, so I’ve not been feeling any nausea.

Soles of my feet itch most days. Very strange indeed. Again, probably totally irrelevant.

So there we go. It’s might be noticing irrelevant things, but I’ve put them down on here just in case it helps, and before I get used to them!