Results: Absolutely marvellous

My blood test results came back absolutely marvellously normal. The IGF-1 at a very normal (bang in the middle) 160 ng/ml. I’d even brought my wife along today as I thought the news might have been bad. We’re absolutely delighted.

The Professor very patiently went through each of the blood test results. Despite me fearing the worst, each and every result was normal.

The result of my oral glucose tolerance test for acromegaly was totally normal with no growth hormone detected over the two hour test (with a test sensitivity of 0.3 ng/ml). I’d given that result previously, but with the other totally normal values. things are excellent.

I feel silly now that I thought it was all creeping back. It’s all part of the emotional side of dealing with acromegaly I imagine, and something I need to do better at.