Acromegaly Body Image Questionnaire

I had a brown envelope through the door yesterday. Usually it’s only letters from the taxman come in brown envelopes so it was good to see it came from the hospital.

It was a “Body Image” questionnaire. At first, from the title, I thought it was something to do with getting an MRI done or something.

It was a series of questions asking how I felt I looked after acromegaly. I filled it all in as soon as I opened it then posted it back so I didn’t have time to ponder or worry about it.

If you have received one of these questionnaires I really do hope that it doesn’t unsettle you or upset you. It certainly could have that impact, as it does in a way suggest aspects of your own body image that you may not have considered, or not thought to be a problem. The questions all felt like leading questions, seemed more skewed towards women, with none that implied any positive impact at all of having the condition. I’m certain that the questionnaire was sent out with the very best of intentions, with the interests of acromegaly patients at heart.

In other ways too, I have just been trying to get on with my life and I’ve just accepted the way I am by now. In getting the questionnaire it did start to dig up some of the insecurities that I originally had after I was diagnosed, which I’d dealt with.

Anyhow, the questionnaire has been posted back so that’s the end of that.