The Fantastic World of Hormones with John Wass

TV Program: BBC 4 Wednesday 26th February 2014, 9pm 

A program entitled “The Fantastic World of Hormones with Professor John Wass” is being shown on BBC 4.

In the hour long program, Professor John Wass will explore how hormones affect each of us, how we eat, how we use our food, how we grow, how we have have fun, how we deal with stress, and even how it affected how Mum and Dad made us. He will also discuss conditions that cause imbalances, including how it resulted in the country’s tallest man.

He will look back into the history of the field of hormones, or Endocrinology as it is known, and look into the modern challenges that is bringing hope to many.

John WassThose of you who have an excess of Growth Hormone may well know John Wass from the book he edited, “Handbook of Acromegaly”. It’s a defining text for patient and professional alike, and so the program is a wonderful opportunity to hear of John’s passion in exploring this fantastic world of hormones.

If you are affected by any conditions mentioned in the program, or think that you may be, then please see your doctor. In addition you can get further information from The Pituitary Foundation.