Remembering to take the tablets

It’s possible to miss taking your tablets, or remembering which tablet you’ve taken.

I find it helpful to put the tablets in a place that makes you likely to remember to take them.

My morning tablets I keep in the kitchen. My evening tablet I keep in the bathroom.

I have four tablets that I take in the morning (three are prescribed, for blood pressure and heartburn, and I also take aspirin). I start by putting all four packets out on the work surface. As I pop a tablet into my hand I put that particular packet away, I then take the tablet. I continue in the same way with the remaining three packets, one at a time.

So why this routine? Well, what I used to do was put all four packets out, take each one with a bit of water and that was the end of it and I’d put the packets away. That worked great until the toaster popped up or the kettle boiled, the door bell rang, or my phone bleeped while I was half way through taking the tablets. It was then difficult to remember which tablet I’d just taken. The routine prevents that, because if a packet is still on the work surface, or a tablet is in my hand then it means I’ve not taken it yet.

Oh, and as the packet says keep medicines out of the reach and sight of children.