Blood Tests only after a Follow-up Consultation?

In two weeks time I have a follow-up consultation to see if I’m still in remission of acromegaly.

Generally, the way it works is I’d turn up, they check my weight and blood pressure, then see the consultant, and then have a blood test afterwards. The consultation was to see how I was doing generally, and to discuss the previous blood test results. The problem being though is that the blood test would have been taken six months previously, or twelve months previously (since now I’m on annual instead of six-monthly follow ups).

In the past I’d generally ring up to get values of the blood test results, but I wouldn’t get to discuss the results for six (or twelve) months.

So, on my last appointment I asked if I could be given a blood form for the following year so that I could have my blood test taken two weeks before my consultation so that if there were any strange results then they could be discussed. Great plan. Except that now, almost a year later, I’ve lost the blood test form. It’s must have gone to the same planet that odd socks, pens and scribbled-down phone numbers go.

I’ve called the hospital, and although as helpful as they are, it’s a bit tricky because the doctor that I saw last year is not there anymore, and all the other doctors are dealing with patients. It doesn’t look terribly hopeful that I’m going to get a blood test before my annual appointment, which is a real shame.