High IGF-1 Result Possibly?

Hope at the ChristieIt’s four years since my transsphenoidal operation to remove a pituitary tumour that was causing acromegaly. I’ve been in remission so far…

I went in to The Christie today for another blood test as unfortunately two values hadn’t been tested for in my last blood test two and a half weeks previously (Growth Hormone & Prolactin – which are the two things my tumour was pumping out). Just a simple mistake, but it’s easy to do I’m sure. I was also getting re-tested for Cortisol and Testosterone in the blood test as it was an early-morning one when these tend to be at their peak levels (cortisol was a little bit on the low side in my latest results).

Anyhow, while I was there I asked if my IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) results were back (as they weren’t when I went in for my consultation).

I was given the figure of 212 (I’m assuming µg/ml) which I was told was ‘a little bit high’ over the upper limit of 204. Is that right?

That confuses me, as I thought the normal range at The Christie was 101 to 267 µg/ml (see post) – which would mean that I would be in the normal range – but that was the range I had from two years ago, and I’m two years older now too (aged 44).

Anyhow, I’ve an MRI booked for next month, so hopefully they won’t find anything (apart from my head!).