Leave in plenty of time for a medical appointment

Running on emptyI’m sure it’s been said to leave in plenty of time for a medical appointment. Also, it’s probably a really good idea to check that you have plenty of fuel to get to the hospital too.

Well, I did neither today. I had an appointment today for 9:40. I jumped in my car with only just enough time (so I thought) to get there. The trouble is that I was almost out of fuel when I jumped in my car, and I hadn’t allowed time to put more in.

As I arrived in the hospital car park, my car told me I had “0 miles” of fuel left, fuel gauge showed empty. It also annoyingly reminded me of the time, 9:33.

Oh, and yes my car really has gone 180,831 miles (291,019km)!

I spoke to a great young doctor too, who was very helpful and patient with me. He went through my blood test results and showed me trend graphs – things are still great! Whoohoo!

So don’t be stupid like. Check your car has fuel, or leave enough time to fill up if you have to.