Pituitary Foundation Forum

The Pituitary Foundation Forum was closed down on April Fool’s Day. Unfortunately it was no joke, but it has left people feeling let down. It had suffered from postings being deleted after about… Continue reading

Second visit with the Professor

I went to the endocrine department to meet with the Professor. It was great to see familiar faces again, the nurses (Ma. & Fi.) and the doctors who made me feel so welcome… Continue reading

Feeling Very Bloated – my fault!

A bit of an update. I think I’m experiencing a new gastrointestinal problem (brought on by my own stupidity, and partly due to the effects of Sandostatin LAR / Octreotide ). I ate… Continue reading

Echocardiogram – it’s a boy!

I had an “Echocardiogram” today at Wythenshawe Hospital. An “Echocardiogram” is not some sort of stripper that you’d might club together with your workmates to hire for your boss to embarrass him on… Continue reading

Octreotide – explosive stuff

So for two weeks I’ve had to inject myself three times a day with a drug called “Octreotide”. It’s a “somatostatin analogue” – basically it mimics the natural “somatostatin” produced in the body… Continue reading

Started Treatment for Acromegaly

Brilliant! I’ve now been started on treatment for my Acromegaly. For the time being, until my wife and I are blessed with a child, my operation will be deferred and my treatment will… Continue reading

Guinea Pig – Free Food!

I very foolishly bravely volunteered to help out with a bit of medical research. I’ve read a fair bit of research since being diagnosed with Acromegaly, so I thought it time I “did… Continue reading

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

I left hospital on Monday with a big green plastic bag. In it was contained two five litre containers (so about a gallon each) and a little blue device with ‘Spacelabs’ on it.… Continue reading

Meeting the Professor

I arrived at the Endocrinology Department, having not eaten since the previous day. A cannula (a small tube) was put into my right arm and then over the next two hours I had… Continue reading

First Visit to Christies

It was my first visit to Christies today, to visit the Endocrine department as an outpatient. I was really impressed with the whole set up at Christies. Naturally, a lot of the patients… Continue reading

MRI Scan Results

I got the results of my MRI scan on Christmas Eve. Overall, I’m happy about the results, it could have been a lot lot worse. Ok, first off I definitely do have a… Continue reading

Get MRI Results Tomorrow

I’m getting the results of my MRI Scan tomorrow afternoon. Strange really, because it will be Christmas Eve. I’ve not scared myself at all about the prospect of Acromegaly so far, and I’m… Continue reading

Guinea Pig

I offered my services to my doctor as a “guinea pig” so that other doctors could examine me so that they could meet someone with acromegaly. Acromegaly is a very rare condition, and… Continue reading

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

This morning I had my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) for Growth Hormone whilst I am waiting for the other results. The OGTT is to see the effect of my growth hormone (GH)… Continue reading

Still not referred. Taking ages.

On Friday I phoned up my local hospital (where I’d seen a specialist) just to check that I’d been referred to Christies Hospital to see an endocrinologist to start my treatment. I was… Continue reading

My First MRI Scan – Brain Scan!

I went along to Rochdale Royal Infirmary today for my first MRI Scan of my brain to look for a pituitary tumour causing my acromegaly. My lovely wife came with me. We both… Continue reading

Superhuman Giants – Acromegaly on TV

While channel hopping this evening, I stumbled upon a program that mentioned acromegaly (or strictly ‘gigantism’ when it starts before adolescence): Superhuman: Giants ITV 2 Sun 7 December 6:30pm to 7:30pm “The world’s… Continue reading

Can alcohol suppress Acromegaly?

I’ve been doing a bit of online research (that’s a posh name for “Googling”!) to see if there is anything dietary or otherwise that would limit the impact of Acromegaly. I’ve being going… Continue reading

Decided – Going to Christie’s

After my consultation two days ago, we’ve decided (my lovely wife and I) that Christie’s Hospital is the best decision for referral (based on what I’ve been told) for me with my condition… Continue reading

Morning Blood Test

I drove to hospital this morning. I paid to park up there. Nice. Bought a newspaper, and found my way to the “Blood Test” bit after asking a big friendly chap called Bob.… Continue reading

First Visit to Specialist

I had my first consultation with a specialist. I took my wife with me too and it was great to have her with me. The doctor I saw was quite a young gentleman,… Continue reading

Acromegaly Blogs

I’ve added the following Blogs of other people with Acromegaly – it is so very helpful to read of other people’s journeys with the condition: Acromegaly Bloggers Acromégalie French Alden Alecia Almu Amptoons… Continue reading

First Pituitary Support Meeting

I went to my first pituitary support meeting this morning. It was good to meet everyone, they were great! I was half expecting to be shocked by what people might have looked like,… Continue reading

First Pituitary Support meeting tomorrow

I’m going to my first Pituitary Support group meeting tomorrow. I’m a little apprehensive, but I feel I have to go really. The reason I’m a bit concerned is that meeting others might… Continue reading

Prognathism – Eating spare ribs isn’t easy!

I bought a portion of ‘Spare Ribs in OK Sauce’ from our local chinese. I found it difficult to bite the meat off because my lower teeth are now infront of my top… Continue reading

Dental X-Rays Show Jaw/Teeth changes

(I have added red and blue lines to the x-rays to show the predominant direction of each tooth on the lower jaw) I went to the dentist last week, telling him that it… Continue reading

The Results – Bonfire Night – Bombshell

I’d asked my doctor to phone me, as I’d not heard any results for my IGF-1 value. I was driving at the time, hurtling down the motorway, not far from our town. A… Continue reading

Second Visit to Doctor

I went to see my doctor today, hoping to get my blood test results. Unfortunately, the Growth Factor (IGF1) result hasn’t come back yet. While I was there, my doctor found that my… Continue reading

First Blood Test

Had my first blood test today to test for Acromegaly. The door of the medical centre was locked, so I had to knock until somebody opened up. My doctor had told me yesterday… Continue reading

Visit to the Doctor

I went to my doctor today with a carrier bag with an old pair of my shoes in it and a few photos of myself and explained that I could have acromegaly and… Continue reading

Not an ugly sister – but I’m an ugly brother!

We went to see my Mam and Dad last Sunday as it was Mam’s birthday. It was lovely to see them. We were also fortunate to see my sister and my younger brother… Continue reading