Leave in plenty of time for a medical appointment

I’m sure it’s been said to leave in plenty of time for a medical appointment. Also, it’s probably a really good idea to check that you have plenty of fuel to get to the… Continue reading

Kanga Health Email on a “Patient Workshop”

I received an email from some company called Kanga Health inviting me to a workshop in Paris for a patient website. They said that they would video patient stories to put them on a website.… Continue reading

Fast Diet 5:2 lowers IGF-1 apparently

Over the last year or so I’ve been on the “Fast Diet”. It’s also known as the 5:2 diet. The well respected Dr Michael Mosley researched and presented the technique in a documentary… Continue reading

Another year – IGF-1 still fine

In my latest blood test results (May 2016), my IGF-1 still remains normal – which is wonderful! So I’m still in remission of acromegaly, six years after my operation. Hopefully this will be… Continue reading

Things are still normal

My acromegaly is still in remission. I had the result of my blood tests (from 21 April 2015) and everything is normal. My IGF-1 level is a healthy normal of 159 ng/ml, which… Continue reading

High IGF-1 Result Possibly?

It’s four years since my transsphenoidal operation to remove a pituitary tumour that was causing acromegaly. I’ve been in remission so far… I went in to The Christie today for another blood test… Continue reading

Blood Tests only after a Follow-up Consultation?

In two weeks time I have a follow-up consultation to see if I’m still in remission of acromegaly. Generally, the way it works is I’d turn up, they check my weight and blood… Continue reading

Remembering to take the tablets

It’s possible to miss taking your tablets, or remembering which tablet you’ve taken. I find it helpful to put the tablets in a place that makes you likely to remember to take them.… Continue reading

The Fantastic World of Hormones with John Wass

TV Program: BBC 4 Wednesday 26th February 2014, 9pm  A program entitled “The Fantastic World of Hormones with Professor John Wass” is being shown on BBC 4. In the hour long program, Professor… Continue reading

Acromegaly Body Image Questionnaire

I had a brown envelope through the door yesterday. Usually it’s only letters from the taxman come in brown envelopes so it was good to see it came from the hospital. It was… Continue reading

Wedding Ring Size after Acromegaly surgery

My wedding ring has become smaller! A few months after having transphenoidal surgery for my acromegaly I notice that my wedding ring had become very loose. As I was not sure how my… Continue reading

Adrian’s Op for Acromegaly Today

Good luck Adrian in your operation today! Adrian has acromegaly, describes himself as a “never grown up punk rocker”, and so it’s great exchanging emails with him! Today he has his operation to… Continue reading

Results: Absolutely marvellous

My blood test results came back absolutely marvellously normal. The IGF-1 at a very normal (bang in the middle) 160 ng/ml. I’d even brought my wife along today as I thought the news might have been… Continue reading

Signs and “I wonders”

It’s strange isn’t it, how until somebody mentions something that you won’t notice it. After it’s mentioned though you can’t help but notice it all the time? Well since my blood test result… Continue reading

Phone call from hospital

I had a phone call from the hospital today (Mrs MR) regarding the high IGF-1 result in blood test results. She explained that it wasn’t necessarily anything to be too worried about at… Continue reading

Acromegaly creeping back?

Back in September 2011 I had welcome blood test results, which showed that my Acromegaly was still kept at bay. The IGF-1 value came back as 173 ng/mL. The normal range for somebody… Continue reading

Cycling over 60 miles for charity (ouch) – please help

The Endocrinology department that I go to is at The Christie in Manchester (UK). This coming Sunday (10th July) they are holding a Christie Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride. That’s over 60 miles.… Continue reading

Pauline in the Great Manchester Run 2011

Amazing today to see Pauline of the reception at Christie Endocrine Department (where I was treated and now have my checkups) in the Great Manchester Run 2011. What a girl! Well done Pauline!

1st Year Anniversary of Trans-sphenoidal Surgery for Acromegaly

Well today is the first anniversary of my surgery for Acromegaly that I had at Hope Hospital (Salford Royal Hospital) in Manchester (UK). It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. It seems… Continue reading

It’s Official – ‘Cured’ of Acromegaly

Last week I went for a follow-up appointment to discuss tests and an MRI scan I’d had on September 17th (some seven months after surgery). The OGTT test showed suppression of GH to… Continue reading

IGF-1 Still in normal range

We have the results of the blood test back on 2 August (the six month mark after surgery)! It’s still in normal range at 226 ug/ml. Phew! Indeed, the normal range for the… Continue reading

No Six Month Day Curve

I went into hospital today thinking that I’d be in for the day to have a “Day Curve” and an modified Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (for Growth Hormone). It’s almost exactly six months… Continue reading

Colonoscopy – My experience

As I have acromegaly, I’m at greater risk of having polyps on my colon (large intestine). Colonic polyps are, in a way, little fleshy bits (like little ‘skin tags’ or overgrown spots) that… Continue reading

OGTT Results after 4 months

Today I received the results of the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (for Growth Hormone) and other blood tests that I had on 11 June 2010. It’s still really good news! My random fasting… Continue reading

Photos after acromegaly surgery added

I’ve (finally) added my photos after my surgery for acromegaly: (Click the links below to see them in the diary entries) Four hours after surgery The day after surgery Hopefully the images will… Continue reading

No Residual Tumour!

Wow!! I’d been a bit too eager to get my mitts on the radiology report for my MRI scan. I’ve been told by the Professor that on examination of the MRI films, that… Continue reading

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

I had an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (for Growth Hormone) today. I also had one back in 2008, and in the same week as my surgery. Whenever we read about glucose tests, we… Continue reading

MRI still shows residual tumour

I had an MRI scan two weeks ago, which is three months after my pituitary surgery for acromegaly. Today, I rang up to get the results. The doctor told me that the MRI… Continue reading

‘Cured’ of Acromegaly

Three months ago I had an operation to remove a benign tumour on my pituitary gland. The tumour was pumping out growth hormone, and so giving me the condition of Acromegaly. A few… Continue reading

In Limbo Land

I’m a bit “in limbo”. So I had transsphenoidal surgery for acromegaly some six and a half weeks ago (9th February 2010). I was very fortunate to have such a gifted surgeon. My… Continue reading

Insulin Tolerance Test

Insulin Stress Test I had an Insulin Tolerance Test (ITT) or rather an Insulin Stress Test today. As the test is quite intense on the heart, I had an ECG yesterday which was… Continue reading

Michael Muir Died (Mike Muir)

I have been passed on some very sad news indeed, Michael Muir (Mike) lost his fight for life on Wednesday 17th February 2010. My sympathies go to his family and friends in the… Continue reading

Acromegaly and whistling

I can whistle again! I used to be able to whistle through my teeth some years back. I wasn’t particularly melodic, but whistle I did, and I was happy. Then, one day, probably… Continue reading

Emergency admission again

Friday felt like I was really starting to get back better again, and then on Saturday we went out for a day and had a lovely time. We went out for a meal… Continue reading


Deficiency after Pituitary Adenoma Surgery Surgery of a pituitary tumour can result in the deficiency in a number of hormones (and factors) from the pituitary and the hypothalamus. This deficiency is often just… Continue reading

Cured of Acromegaly?

Wow – what a headline – “Cured of Acromegaly?”, but in true sensational newspaper-type hype, it is alas but a headline. The word “Cured” should of course be “remission”. Any tumour or growth… Continue reading

Pituitary Operation – 2 days postoperative

Wow – hello everybody! It’s about 48 hours since I came round from surgery for ‘transspehenoidal resection of pituitary adeonoma’. That’s a way of saying that I’ve come round from surgery that involved… Continue reading

Pituitary Operation – 4 hours later..

Just arrived home after visiting Trys, and was pleased to find him browsing the Hospital menu. The operation was expected to take about one hour but in the end, Trys was in surgery… Continue reading

Transsphenoidal Surgery booked

Excellent news! Lots of things have been happening lately, and I’ve only just got around to writing about it. The big thing is that I’ve got a date of my transsphenoidal surgery that… Continue reading

Uncontrolled Acromegaly on Sandostatin LAR

I’ve just rang the hospital to get the results of my last ‘Day Curve’ to find out what my Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) level is. Bad news. My acromegaly is not fully… Continue reading

Growth Hormone Day Curve

I went into hospital today for a “Growth Hormone Day Curve”. In this topic I’m going to answer some questions that I had before I first went. My fist day curve was three… Continue reading

First Aid for Acromegaly?

We’ve recently moved offices at work – only by a few yards. Some of our colleagues are in the original office. Some months back, I told the lady who looked after Health &… Continue reading

Spacelabs 90207

I’m wearing a Spacelabs 90207 again today. Whoohoo – the fun never stops!! (I do secretly find it quite fascinating though, but don’t tell anybody!) I was given it when I last went… Continue reading

Meeting a doctor in the street

My wife and I were in Manchester today, and we’d done a bit of shopping then went to the Art Gallery neat St Peter’s square. Anyhow, we suddenly spotted a doctor that I… Continue reading

News: Camrus CAM2029 Octreotide FluidCrystal

“Lund, Sweden. 26 May, 2009 – Camurus announced today that the European Medicines Agency’s (EMEA) Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (COMP) has issued a positive opinion on the application for orphan designation for… Continue reading

Research: Benefits of using Cabergoline with Sandostatin LAR

Hot off the press (well, it was published online on May 8th 2009): Octreotide LAR and Cabergoline association has been shown to be an effective alternative therapy for those acromegalics who still have… Continue reading

First Day Curve

I had my first “Day Curve” today. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. (I’ll try to add a photo) I checked into the Endocrine… Continue reading

Wow, haven’t you got big hands?

I’d been wrestling with a rubber stamp at work today trying to change the date on it. It’s so impossible to change the date without being covered in ink. The rubber stamp won… Continue reading

Shoe Laces are Getting Longer

Just something I noticed this morning – my shoe laces are getting longer! Since starting Sandostatin LAR treatment (Octreotide, a Somatostatin analogue), I’ve noticed a few improvement. It appears now that my feet… Continue reading

Third Sandostatin (Octreotide) LAR injection

Well today I had my third ever Sandostatin LAR injection. I was a bit more prepared than before. My appointment was at 5pm at my local medical centre. I thought I’d take a… Continue reading